As I started to listen to podcasts more recently in my freelance career, I’ve noticed a trend. Some podcasts have a Five Minute Friday where they freestyle about some random topic or list a few cool things they discovered or learned that week. Well, I’m not about to start podcasting anytime soon, but thought it might be interesting to do a blog version of that. So here goes–here are five things I discovered or found interesting this week.

  • I listened to 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing on a run this week, which I would definitely recommend for anyone interested in anything. Here’s a nice summary of the 22 laws from Cris Kowalcyzk’s blog:
  •  I’m teaching myself Unity game development with the goal of publishing an iOS game later this year and the book Unity in Action seems to be the best option for those just beginning as it covers the most current Unity version 5 and got good marks for being easy to follow and understand. It covers 3d pretty heavily, but has some good information on 2d game development as well.
  • In case you didn’t hear. Er, I guess I should say, in case you care…Fort4Fitness decided to host a full marathon this year. If you’re looking for a new challenge for the year, get yourself signed up. And find me at the starting line!
  • Another part of freelancing is ensuring your data is safe and backed up. As I tried to find the best solution, I came across Seagate’s Cloud Storage devices. It makes it incredibly easy to setup a drive that’s accessible remotely. Data is encrypted before being transferred over the network and then decrypted by Seagate’s software once it’s copied over. And if you use CrashPlan, you can backup NAS devices. So far, it’s been working great.
  • Did you know chewing and talking cleans the wax out of ears? Me either… But now we both do, thanks to the Stuff You Should Know podcast.