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Migrating a WordPress site that uses Visual Composer

If you have a site that uses Visual Composer, you’ll find that some links, particularly button links aren’t found when using some of the popular find & replace plug-ins like Velvet Blues.

If you look in the database, Visual Composer URLs are encoded. The Better Search and Replace plugin allows you to search for encoded URLs and replace them with encoded URLs.

And here’s a handy tool from Eric Meyer for encoding / decoding links:

Styling Broken Images

It’s obviously best to avoid broken images at all costs as it hurts the user experience, SEO, layout, etc, but I found this CSS pseudo-element “loophole” interesting for those cases where you may have unpredictable missing images. For instance, when moving a site to a new server or for externally hosted images that are removed from the web.

Broken images are ugly. But they don’t always have to be. We can use CSS to apply styles to the element to provide a better experience than the default. Two Facts About The Element To understand how we can style broken images, there

Source: Styling Broken Images

The Ultimate WordPress Optimization Guide

If you’ve got root access to your web server and are running Ubuntu, this is a pretty thorough-looking guide to getting your WordPress site hacker news/reddit/digg ready. And by that, I mean ready for lots of traffic.

Amazium – The responsive web framework..!

Another decent looking responsive web framework.

Amazium – The responsive web framework..!.

Woopie – Beautiful Digital Publications

Service that makes creating web-based e-books/publications easier by creating a nice responsive site out of your content.

Woopie – Beautiful Digital Publications.

Wirefy | The Responsive Wireframe Boilerplate

Nice responsive framework for creating functional, html wireframes. The UI elements look very similar to the Skelton Framework.

Wirefy | The Responsive Wireframe Boilerplate.

Safari View Source in TextMate – enormego:developers

I recently started using Safari more, instead of Firefox and have never been a big fan of it’s “view source” feature. After a quick Google search I quickly discovered this Safari extension and Textmate plug-in that allows you to view a page’s source in Textmate. Nice.


Your text has been published sucessfully.








haaaaaahaha, oh man… fixing it now!

removed files deleted from hard disk from git

git rm $(git ls-files --deleted)

How to setup AWS cloudfront streaming via RTMP

Today, amazon announced flash media server streaming support for video playback. Here’s a few quick tips to help get started.

1. Create a streaming cloudfront distribution
You can setup your distribution using the AWS console or use my php tool, make sure that it’s a “streaming” distribution as opposed to “download”.

2. Setup your client to playback the streaming video
This wasn’t obvious without reading the documentation. In order to playback your rtmp:// stream, you have to append “cfx/st" to your domain. So for example, rtmp:// would become rtmp://

If you your file is in a folder within your S3 bucket, the custom folder name comes after the “cfx/st/”

That’s pretty much it… Of course this all assumes you are familiar with setting up AWS S3 buckets and how cloudfront works. To read more about that go here.

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