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Month: November 2013

Aningaaq (Short Film)

The director of Gravity’s son, Jonas Cuaro,┬ádirected a short film that portrays what happened on the other end of the Ryan Stone’s radio transmission from inside the Russian space capsule.


Ol’ Rob…

…is at it again.


Tweet: BitCoin chart w/level II. Check out the 6 month ch…

BitCoin chart w/level II. Check out the 6 month chart. Parabolic move the last month, ha.

Michael Cera’s friend, Jeremy

In case you ever accidentally text Michael Cera, this is what you can expect.

Causes of Untimely Death

Interesting infographic…


via Wired

Batkid’s Make-a-Wish Transforming San Francisco Into Gotham

The entire city of San Francisco is shutting down today, so this kid can become Batman for a day. So great!



Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 3.29.01 PM

via Notegraphy

Hello, Fall

Greetings from Max Fischer.


Aaron Draplin Drop-In

Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Co. popped in our office yesterday.

Photo on 11-14-13 at 3.26 PM

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