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Year: 2009

How to setup AWS cloudfront streaming via RTMP

Today, amazon announced flash media server streaming support for video playback. Here’s a few quick tips to help get started.

1. Create a streaming cloudfront distribution
You can setup your distribution using the AWS console or use my php tool, make sure that it’s a “streaming” distribution as opposed to “download”.

2. Setup your client to playback the streaming video
This wasn’t obvious without reading the documentation. In order to playback your rtmp:// stream, you have to append “cfx/st" to your domain. So for example, rtmp:// would become rtmp://

If you your file is in a folder within your S3 bucket, the custom folder name comes after the “cfx/st/”

That’s pretty much it… Of course this all assumes you are familiar with setting up AWS S3 buckets and how cloudfront works. To read more about that go here.

The Growlers

Empty Bones

Twenty Five Years Old

Today, I turn 25. Is this the age that you’re supposed to make dtrastic life changes? Because it sure feels like it.


I want a pet penguin.

Media Temple Upgrades

Just logged into our OLG Media Temple account today to upgrade our server and saw that we were “eligable for a free RAM upgrade”. Got another 256mb for free, not sure why. And I’m not sure why I didn’t get an email notifying me that it was available, so I thought I’d share the info. Also logged into the Publr Media Temple account and had the same free upgrade option on both DV servers that are running the site, so hey, maybe things’ll be a little faster.

Parse NameCheap domain export file with PHP

Maybe there’s a way to export a excel format? But I got an xml file. Here’s how to parse it as a tab separated format via PHP.

if (file_exists(‘domainlist-11386-10-43.asp.xml’)) {
$xml = simplexml_load_file(‘domainlist-11386-10-43.asp.xml’);
} else {
exit(‘Failed to open domainlist-11386-10-43.asp.xml.’);

echo “<pre>n”;
echo “domaintexpiresn”;
foreach($xml->domains->domain as $row)
echo $row->{“domain-name”}.”t”.date(“m/d/Y”,strtotime($row->{“expire-date”})).”n”;
echo “</pre>n”;

What’s here, but first they have to find them

Listening to Tycho (so good) and getting back to work on freelance/personal projects. For whatever reason, my office chair stopped squeaking, so now I won’t wake Jess up at 2am with a loud *creeeeaaak*.

iPhone images + orientation

This is a little piece of code to that detects how an image from an iPhone is rotated. Useful for rotating them for software that lacks an auto-rotate feature or for handling web uploads.


2009 Addy Awards

The Addy Awards were fun this year. Arial was *@#$ awesome. I wish I would have taken some photos, dang. Nate kicked some ass with some poster design. I can’t remember what all we won, but some other notable projects – Redimed Outdoor, Lutheran TV, and Blurt Online. Well done everyone!

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